Grace Christian Academy



Grace Christian Academy is a community Christian school, and is open to all students whose parents desire to have their children taught in an environment that encourages them to think and live Christianly.  Students and school families are held to high standards and are expected to adhere to all school policies and procedures.  Grace’s admission policy strives to give special attention to keeping families together in the same environment.  Therefore, registration priorities include presently enrolled children and siblings of presently enrolled children.  Re-enrolling families must fill out a complete application, keep immunization records current, and pay all enrollment fees in order to ensure a place for the next school year.  All new families must complete the registration procedures listed below.  The administration will preview all documents and set up an appointment with the parents to discuss the needs of your child and how the ministry of GCA might best serve you.

Grace Christian Academy does not have the facilities or personnel to work effectively with extreme emotional or behavioral problems or those students with severe academic deficiencies.  To qualify as a potential candidate, an incoming student must demonstrate C average work or better, and consistently score in the average to high average range on standardized tests.  Also, there must not be disruptive behavior that has resulted in suspensions or dismissals.  Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of the administration.

Each student, with parental guidance, has the unquestioned right to decide whether to attend GCA or not.  Those who apply for admission to GCA and are accepted agree to abide by the standards, regulations, and requirements of Grace Christian Academy.

Registration (New Students)

  1. Complete and submit a New Student Application Form.
  2. Submit the Enrollment Fees.
  3. Submit an up-to-date immunization certificate. (Georgia form 3231)
  4. Submit a copy of the student’s birth certificate.
  5. Submit a copy of student’s most recent report card and attendance records.
  6. Submit a copy of the student’s school discipline record (if applicable)
  7. Read the student handbook and sign the student handbook agreement form.
  8. Students applying for the K4 and/or K5 program will be screened with a standardized evaluation instrument. This instrument assesses language and literacy development, number concepts, motor skills, and social development. Students must score at or above the developmental level.  Parents will be notified of the screening results and whether the student is eligible for admission.
  9. Students applying for grades 1 – 12 must submit the results of a nationally-normed standardized test, taken within the last 12 months.  Eligible students must score above average or at grade level on the nationally-normed standardized test or at the “exceeds” level of the CRCT.  If current testing records are not available, a testing date will be scheduled.
  10. ***All students (K3-12) must submit a Pastor/Church Leader Questionnaire (recommendation form) from his/her pastor, youth worker or Sunday School teacher.
  11. Students in grades 6 -12 must submit a letter of recommendation from his/her former principal or counselor, also.

If the application is deemed eligible, an interview will be scheduled with the administration.

NOTE:  Many classes fill up quickly.  Forms and fees must be received before a child is considered fully registered.  GCA does not reserve places until the proper forms and fees are completed. Acceptance is also subject to vacancies in a particular grade.