Grace Christian Academy

Upper School Curriculum
High school builds on the foundation developed in the elementary and middle school grades. ABeka is the primary curriculum used in preschool through 5th grades. Middle and high school classes utilize ABeka as well as Bob Jones Press and several other credible texts in order to prepare students for the next grade level and ultimately for success in college. The college preparatory diploma meets all requirements to enter a higher-level institution.
English and Language Arts
     Abeka English
     Abeka Language
     Holt-Reinhardt Literature
     Bob Jones Math
     Glencoe-McGraw Hill
     Abeka Social Studies
     Glencoe-McGraw Hill
Social Studies
     Abeka Social Studies
     Bob Jones Press
     Glencoe-McGraw Hill
In the following subjects a wide-range of curriculum materials are utilized.
Foreign Language
     Spanish I
     Spanish II
     * Other Languages are available through Rosetta Stone
Physical Education and Health
     Fitness and Conditioning
     Team Sports
     Computer Applications
     Word Processing
     Mixed Media
Fine Arts
     Choral Music
     Praise Band
     Strings Orchestra
     Art (Beginning & Advanced)