Grace Christian Academy

GPA & Numerical Grades
GPA and overall numerical averages are calculated at the end of each semester for all high school students.  All high school grades are entered as numerical grades.  Honor and Accel courses receive additonal points.  Honors courses receive 2 points and Accel courses receive 5 points to the final subject grade.
A high school student's position in class is calculated based upon overall numerical averages.  The student with the highest numerical average in the class will be ranked as number one.  The remaining students will receive ranks based upon descending numerical averages.
Grading Scale
90 - 100 (A) = 4.0
80 - 89   (B) = 3.0
70 - 79   (C) = 2.0
69 - Below    = Failing
Honor Graduates
Students who maintain a 90 average or better after four years of high school will qualify to be honor graduates.
Testing Plan
Students in grades one through eight take the national standardized achievement test, Terra Nova.  Terra Nova is one of the most respected and widely used achievement tests in the nation.  It not only measures mastery in core subjects, but also provides detailed diagnostic information, norm and criterion-referenced scores, and performance-level data.
Eighth grade will have the opportunity to take the EXPLORE (ACT) test.  Ninth and tenth grades will take the (ACT) PLAN test.  Both of these tests are designed to ready students for college planning/skills.  Ninth through eleventh graders will receive practice on the PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, and ACT.